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Wind River Elementary

 Wind River Elementary School


One of the two elementary school sites in Fremont County School District #6 is Wind River Elementary. Wind River Elementary is a PK-5 school located in Pavillion (pop. 150) and has an enrollment of 159 students (October 1st snapshot).  Other than Caucasian, the only statistically significant ethnic sub-group is Native American, which is 18% of the student population.  The socio-economic base is low, with 52% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunches. The majority of our students are bused to school. In addition to the K-5 setting, the school has an on-site preschool and a Magna award winning mobile preschool classroom. A daycare was also established in SY 2018-2019.

Wind River Elementary took on the Kids Heart Challenge and raised over $2,300. Mrs. Wadsworth’s class raised the most money out of all the other elementary classes. Mrs. Wadsworth was “Color Rush” for their class accomplishment. Everyone else that raised over $75 individually, was permitted to “Color Rush,” Mr. Hunter for their prize. Thank you to all the families, businesses, and friends that donated to the cause!

Color Rush 1Color Rush 2Color Rush 3

Color Rush 4Color Rush 5Color Rush 6



Wind River Elementary Students have been recognized for their progress in Freckle Math this semester.  Freckle Math focuses on the Wyoming State Standards by grade level.  The students pictured have advanced to a higher grade level work in the program than the grade in which they are enrolled. 


Freckles student recognitions

Pictured is Principal Barney Lacock with fourth grader Hallie Berg and third grader Paxton Truax

Tatum.   1st grade

Pictured is Principal Barney Lacock with first graders Tatum Felter and Darrel Smith.  

1st graders

Pictured with Principal Lacock, are  first graders Eva Neubauer and  Kyler Martinez.


2nd grade

Pictured with Principal Lacock are, front row from left, Amelia Denke and Zoey Sennett; and back row, Alayna Smits, Eli Post and Alan Klein.

3rd grade

Front row from left: Hunter Merrill, Jaxon McKee,  Josie Ingalls and Laura Ingalls; and back row, Principal Barney Lacock, Ana Musalem, Aydrik Paul, Joel Hill, Drake Robinson, Earl LeBeau, Leila Sparks and Braelynn  Smith. 


4th grade

Pictured kneeling is Berkeley Beutler; and standing, Zoey Klein, Principal Barney Lacock, Natalee Gardner, Colton Christensen and Trey Loneman. 

5th grade

Pictured from left, Principal Lacock, Elyxis Ogle, Daenien Garza, Dayne Young, Arleigh Murray, Kylie Sasse and Shyann McKee.


fifth grade 1

Pictured with Principal Lacock, bottom left, from left, are: Cameron Giles,  Holt Miller, Reid Hill, Trayven Lee and  Nakoa Ironeyes.


fifth grade 2

Pictured below with Principal Lacock are: Devyn Fillin and Cordell Wood.



Family Night 1

Family Night 2


Wind River Elementary School hosted its annual Family Night on Feb. 10 with more than 178 participants. Families were treated to a corndog dinner, followed by games.   Students were presented a backpack full of grade level appropriate activities.  Teachers circulated around the gym visiting with families and demonstrating some of the activities provided.  Early grades were given wooden games designed to improve student motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.  Other grade levels were given games to improve addition and subtraction skills.  Physical education activities were also included as well as information from the school nurse. .  

Students were also given 3 free books during the event and 10 door prizes were given out including math card games and Dairy Queen gift cards.



2019-2020 Elementary School Profile 





2019-2020 School Profile




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