Staff Directory

Our email account naming convention is first name followed by the first initial of lastname: i.e. Bob Smith would be bobs. The account name is followed by

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Last First Position Phone Ext: 307-856-7970 Email
Alexander Laurie Crowheart Aide / Custodian 486-2202
Allison Jody Bus Driver 754
Anderson Becky Elementary Aide
Baker Tania MS Special Education
Bates Janet 1st Grade
Benson Troy Social Studies 137
Booky Albert Technology Director 138
Borgan Val Bus Driver 754
Bowcutt Dan Social Studies 154
Cady Katherine MS Language Arts
Caproni Holly Elementary Aide
Carroll Deni Bus Driver
Chatfield Kiley Industrial Technology 113
Clapp Diana Superintendent 301
Clark Robin Special Education
Clark Sadie Special Education
Cunningham James Industrial Technology 155
David Emily Superintendant's Assistant 301
Downing Toni Bus Driver 754
Drogosch James Bus Driver 754
Duthie Linda Elementary Secretary 201
Epp Sheryl Crowheart Elementary 486-2202
Fehrin Kris Special Education 128
Fiebiger Julie PE/Health 242
Fulgham Dan Bus Driver
Garcia Malinda English/Drama 142
Gibson Cassie Aide
Gordon Pam Custodian / Food Service
Gosnell Dirk Science/PE 126
Griffith Steve Custodial / Maintenance 167
Groenke Scott MS Math 164
Hall JoAnn Elementary Teacher / Tutor 248
Halseide Jeannie Special Education Secretary 205
Haslam Michelle Special Education 244
Hellyer Amanda Special Education
Henry Wanda ProStart
Hill Maggie Preschool - Purple Bus 241
Hyatt Brenda Special Education 219
James Stacey Title I Teacher 214
Jenks Charles Special Education Coordinator 105
Jensen Vay VoAg 125
Johnson Brett School Resource Officer 110
Johnson Rich Lights On Coordinator 122
Jones Chris Data Manager 235
Jones Joy Art 143
Kisling Susan MS/HS Secretary 102
Koenig Lora District Nurse 106
Lacock Barney Elementary Principal 203
Lake Linda Business Manager 304
Lemley Chad 5th Grade 213
Leonhardt Brenda 4th Grade 228
Lockhart Jamie MS/HS Guidance 150
Lookingbill Tim Maintenance Supervisor 236
Murdock Jennifer Bus Driver
Martin Sharon Food Services 755
Mayer Jenna 1st Grade 215
McCall Katie Spanish 168
McCullough Cindy Kitchen 755
McTee Paul Bus Driver 754
Meeks Donna Business Office 302
Meeks Kati 3rd Grade 225
Miller Venyta Bus Driver 754
Moor Brenda Music / Art 124
Nelson Kelli Special Education 156
Nicholls Jami 2nd Grade 218
Noffsinger Cullen HS Math & PE 126
Nordwick Sloan Lights On
Ottman Pepper Elementary Aide
Pasquinelli Heather MS Language Arts 154
Perry Andrew HS Science 144
Perry Randi Preschool 216
Pfisterer Dawn PreSchool
Pince Kathy MS/HS Secretary 100
Riley Rosanne MS Science 141
Rose Chad Music
Rose Sarah Special Education 128
Scadden David Custodian
Schieffer Kevin Transportation Director 754
Schmidt Sheila 4th Grade 222
Schooner Jessica 3rd Grade 246
Scott Tina Tutor/Reading Specialist 221
Scheu Nicolette HS Math 157
Sennett Amy K-12 Counselor 250
Sennett Ryan English/Publications 145
Smith Deb MS/HS Special Education 108
Smith Regina Special Education 237
Stephen Caleb MS Math 129
Stevens Mary Bus Driver 754
Thompson Elisa Elementary 223
Thompson Lynnda Custodial
Trujillo Kristan 2nd Grade 217
Walker Anita Speech
Walker Justin PE / Health / AD 117
Wall Ceatriss MS/HS Principal 102
Weliever Diana MS/HS Library Aide 112
White Jessica Special Education
Yoder Susan Elementary Library 208



Fremont County School District #6